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Red Fields to Green Fields Initiative

The Energy and Sustainability research group is one of 14 university-based research teams participating in the Red Fields to Green Fields initiative. The national initiative is analyzing the effects of acquiring financially distressed properties (real estate “in the red”) in major U.S. cities and converting them into green space: public parks and adjacent land “banked” for future sustainable development. In addition to Atlanta, 10 other U.S. cities (Cleveland, Denver, Miami, Philadelphia, Wilmington, Detroit, Hilton Head Island, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Houston) are converting distressed real estate to green space and watershed protection zones.


Parks Solve the Urban Real Estate Crisis


Blight to Beauty: “Red Fields to Green Fields” Plans Revealed for Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Hilton Head Island


A green tree canopy exists in most of Atlanta’s backyards, yet only 4.6% of the land within the Atlanta city limits is preserved as parks. Green Fields can fuel active, vibrant, and economically stable hubs of prosperity, cultural and community engagement, and human and environmental health.


Project Contact: Kevin Caravati



Red Fields to Green Fields Initiative

Abandoned or underutilized property is acquired by a parks agency or by public-private partnership, which then begins demolition, park design and construction.


Red Fields to Green Fields Initiative

27-acre park located in Historic Fourth Ward between North Avenue and Ralph McGill Boulevard.